Instructions for Attendees

To view the seminar

We will host the seminar as a Zoom webinar, which you can join by clicking the link to join on the web page. If you are on the mailing list, you will receive an email with the link before the webinar begins. We do not require registration in advance so you will be able to join by simply clicking either link.

On Thursday, you should join the seminar shortly before the start time at 8:30 am PT (11:30 am ET / 4:30 pm London / 6:30 pm Tel Aviv).

If you have not used Zoom before, we recommend downloading and installing the Zoom client before the meeting. Additional instructions on how to use Zoom during a webinar can be found here.

To ask questions

Please use the Zoom Q&A feature to submit questions about the content of the talk. As an attendee, you will not be able to unmute yourself. Time permitting, and depending on the volume of questions, the moderator will either ask your question for you or confirm with you to ask the question yourself and unmute you at a suitable time. Please note that you may be recorded if you activate your audio or video during the seminar. In some meetings, the collaborators of the speaker will be online to address your questions in Q&A. Note that Q&A will be moderated by us so you will only be able to see some of the questions of the other attendees.

If you want to send messages to the moderators during the seminar, please use the Zoom chat feature. As an attendee, you will not be able to send chats to other attendees.

If you have further questions before the seminar, please drop us an email at